Manga Miso Change Log
  • 18th November 2021

    o   Bug Fix – Margin Settings. Bug – Margin setting “on” has no margin and Margin setting “off” had margin. Our bad wrong code lul

    o   QOL change – Chapter list has less margins and padding. It just looks better

    o   QOL Addition for mobile users – Previously chapter names were not shown to mobile users. Now they have the option to turn it on/off.

  • 17th November 2021

    o   QOL Change – Chapter Processing. Now chapter pages will show an alert when chapter images are currently in processing phase!

    o   Reader Experience Improvements Added in margins settings for chapter images. Default is set to “auto”. When set to “auto”, there will not be margins in long strip mangas/manhwa and there will be margins in normal mangas.

  • 27th October 2021

    o   Major fix. – “Yo Dawg ya created a bug reducing script but instead you dumbasses created more bugs!” Therefore we removed previously inserted script. We made big dodo, the script which was designed to make things faster had a memory leak and made user’s devices slower. We happened to missed that in our test app. But now it has been moved to a more appropriate place.

  • 26th October 2021

    o   QOL Change – Added “My Favorites” and “My Bookmark” buttons to the navigation profile card for easier access! Frequently asked feature!

    o   QOL Change – Mobile users Profile page improvement. No more in-website pop up when clicking bookmarks. Instead it will appear along inside the user navigation bar! Frequently asked feature!

    o   User experience enhancement – Added a script to improve user experience hence will decreased the amount of bugs.

  • 21st October 2021

    o   Major Update

    1.      Added compact and list views for search, browse, new manga, latest manga and random mangas.

    2.      Added a card to show more information when a manga is hover in those pages when in compact view

    3.      Due to compact and list views being added, total amount of manga fetched per page reduced to 20. If there was more, the page would be really really stupidly long.

    4.      Added a card to show more information when hover over a manga in the main page

    5.      Added “New!” beside chapters that are recently updated (within 3 days)

    o   Database update – Changed how total chapters and latest chapters are calculated. They are being entered into the database instead of being inserted into memory. It was faster before but due to the increase of visitors over the past few months. It became inefficient. Hence readers may find the speed of fetching these information to be as fast as before. (Or even faster!)

  • 2nd October 2021

    o   Major fix – Not sending email for password change. Because  we dodo :P

    o   Minor improvements – Removed some scripts that loads on website load. Now should feel abit faster.

  • 18th September 2021

    o   Spaghetti code detected. Made a change because the code was an issue for the past 24 hours. Users were complaining about the errors popping up left and right. We thought it was a good update but ended up without us thinking about how users behaved. It was reverted.

  • 02 September 2021

    o   Added another change-log page for Year 2020 – Yo Dawg We’ve put a change-log entry for the new change-log page! xD

    o   Added Preloading Images to 5 – instead of loading everything in one-go. Hence saving customer’s data, improving speed and loading important images first!

  • 20 Aug 2021

    o   “Latest Manga Updates Manga” page – Show time stamps on when the manga is updated to their newest chapter. (Of course this needed to happen!)

    o   “Latest Manga Updates Manga” and “Freshly Squeezed New Manga” page – Reduced from 50 mangas per page to 20 mangas per page hence reduces server strain when tons of users suddenly uses those pages.

  • 10 Aug 2021

    o   “One… Two… Five… Ten… TenTen (20)… Onii-chan help! Counting is hard! Math is hard!” So we increased the efficiency of view counting, hopefully removing some errors relating to it. Quick Meth I mean Mafs!

  • 09 Aug 2021

    o   Minor Clean Up in Chapter/Manga Pages (Should be better abit)

  • 07 July 2021

    o   “Refresh page” Button in error pages does a hard refresh of the page instead of a soft refresh. (Dang, even the error pages has error! T.T )

  • 09 June 2021 (Mobile Focused update)

    o   Search / Browse Results change.

    • -        Shows 2 mangas per row instead of one for smaller devices.

    • -        Numeric stats are now summarised in random and browse manga pages.

    • -        Minor CSS improvements to makes things look good.

    o   General change: Included another refresh page button in error page.

    o   Band-aid solution: Images failed to load will show an empty space. Will look into a refined solution where we can show the error message or refetch the image in question (Long-term issue)

  • 8th June 2021

    o   Added Refresh Page option in error page. Only for Manga and manga chapter pages.

    o   Fixed Search Page. Will not show an error page if search results return an error. Instead it will ask you to resubmit the form.

  • 6th June 2021

    o   Revert: Went back to “Per Page” Chapter list and removed “All Chapters”. Due to Users experiencing slow load times. We have reverted the chapter list and streamlined it to be more efficient. Hence users will feel that it is faster as the page will be partially loaded before the chapters are fully loaded. (Also added in a “Reload Chapter” if fetching chapter list goes wrong, users will not have to refresh the whole page anymore)

    • Update #2: Fixed chapter being out of order. Reason: Me Code Dodo. Me Fix Dodo. Dodo Fixed and A-Okay!

  • 26th May 2021

    o   Removed “Per Page” Chapter list. Bug: When set to “ALL” it bugs out showing part of all the chapters and pagination doesn’t work.

    o   New – List out all chapters in chapter list. Chapter List section becomes scrollable.

    o   New – Added Show all to Description part of manga. Makes it more concise and quick navigation to chapter list.

  • 22nd May 2021

    o   Fixed some CSS issues. Not a big deal but it’s just a bit annoying for some users

    o   Reporting on Manga now open to public. Help us help you!

  • 20th May 2021  

    o   Fixed Memory leak caused by spaghetti code. (Palms are sweaty, Knees weak, arms are heavy, Vomit on my sweater already, Mom's spaghetti)

  • 11th May 2021

    •   Improvements to the “minor coding streamline update” because we big dodos :P

  • 10th May 2021

    -        Minor Coding Streamline update

  • 08th May 2021

    -        Quality of life change: Fixed a bug in chapter page where the manga will randomly scroll halfway through the page. Shouldn’t be an issue now.

    -        Quality of life change: Search page update. Added Scroll to top button and hid the top search bar when visiting our search page

    -        Minor Adjustments made towards user and site safety.

  • 07th May 2021

    -        Major Update! – Dark mode! (Only reader tho). Frequently requested. Site wide dark mode will be will be implemented at a later date as it is way way way harder to do :P

  • 24th April 2021

    -        Infrastructure update. Cloudflare was giving us problems due to long processing times. Now should be better. Also, cover photos have been rearranged to improve efficiency.

  • 1st April 2021

    Happy April Fools! Tho This is a serious update! :D

    -        User Feature Request – Remove Chapter navigation in Long Strip Format. Issues: Readers accidently move between chapters when reading. It was frustrating. Instead placed previous & next chapter buttons. Also Keyboard arrow (Left and Right) navigation between chapters is implemented during long strip.

    -        Major Bug Fix: Search Page did not go to the next page. Note: Don’t worry it has been fixed.

    -        Quality of life change: Moved Alternate titles to the top of the manga page. Since most of us do not know what their native titles means. We’ve placed it on top For quick viewing.

    -        Quality of life change: Scroll to top during page change (In Genre pages)

    -        Quality of Life change: Added “Last updated” during search.

    -        Quality of life change: Search to include Alternate/Other Titles too!

    -        Quality of life change: Added total Views to Random mangas in main page

  • 17th February 2021

    -        Fixed “Previous Chapter” during reading chapter. Major Bug: Showed an error and then returned user to home page.

    -        Fixed Bookmarks. Bug: Did not completely removed user’s bookmark in database.

  • 7th January 2021

    -        Added Bookmark – Dropped.  Because you might hate some manga :(

    -        Minor fixes on cover image position in Search page and genre page. Issue: images did not center

    -        Minor fixes on cover image in user’s bookmark pages. Issue: Images did not retain their original aspect ratio and did not center.

    -        Massive structural overhaul on Bookmarks. Changes – made it more robust and less susceptible to errors. Users should not lose their bookmarks but maybe in some highly exceptional case they may.

  • 1st January 2021

    -        HAPPY NEW YEARS!

    -        Various structural changes (minor)

    -        Added “Villainess” to genres. Note: Because being a Villain is awesome.

    -        Added “Adaptation” to genres. Note: To tell users if mangas are adapted from LN or other sources

    -        Fixed Image sizing on Search page, random manga page, new manga page and recently updated manga page. Bug: Images did fit into the “box” but it was stretched and did not align to the middle (esp. on landscape type manga covers)

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