Manga Miso Change Log
  • 07 July 2021

    o   “Refresh page” Button in error pages does a hard refresh of the page instead of a soft refresh. (Dang, even the error pages has error! T.T )

  • 09 June 2021 (Mobile Focused update)

    o   Search / Browse Results change.

    • -        Shows 2 mangas per row instead of one for smaller devices.

    • -        Numeric stats are now summarised in random and browse manga pages.

    • -        Minor CSS improvements to makes things look good.

    o   General change: Included another refresh page button in error page.

    o   Band-aid solution: Images failed to load will show an empty space. Will look into a refined solution where we can show the error message or refetch the image in question (Long-term issue)

  • 8th June 2021

    o   Added Refresh Page option in error page. Only for Manga and manga chapter pages.

    o   Fixed Search Page. Will not show an error page if search results return an error. Instead it will ask you to resubmit the form.

  • 6th June 2021

    o   Revert: Went back to “Per Page” Chapter list and removed “All Chapters”. Due to Users experiencing slow load times. We have reverted the chapter list and streamlined it to be more efficient. Hence users will feel that it is faster as the page will be partially loaded before the chapters are fully loaded. (Also added in a “Reload Chapter” if fetching chapter list goes wrong, users will not have to refresh the whole page anymore)

    • Update #2: Fixed chapter being out of order. Reason: Me Code Dodo. Me Fix Dodo. Dodo Fixed and A-Okay!

  • 26th May 2021

    o   Removed “Per Page” Chapter list. Bug: When set to “ALL” it bugs out showing part of all the chapters and pagination doesn’t work.

    o   New – List out all chapters in chapter list. Chapter List section becomes scrollable.

    o   New – Added Show all to Description part of manga. Makes it more concise and quick navigation to chapter list.

  • 22nd May 2021

    o   Fixed some CSS issues. Not a big deal but it’s just a bit annoying for some users

    o   Reporting on Manga now open to public. Help us help you!

  • 20th May 2021  

    o   Fixed Memory leak caused by spaghetti code. (Palms are sweaty, Knees weak, arms are heavy, Vomit on my sweater already, Mom's spaghetti)

  • 11th May 2021

    •   Improvements to the “minor coding streamline update” because we big dodos :P

  • 10th May 2021

    -        Minor Coding Streamline update

  • 08th May 2021

    -        Quality of life change: Fixed a bug in chapter page where the manga will randomly scroll halfway through the page. Shouldn’t be an issue now.

    -        Quality of life change: Search page update. Added Scroll to top button and hid the top search bar when visiting our search page

    -        Minor Adjustments made towards user and site safety.

  • 07th May 2021

    -        Major Update! – Dark mode! (Only reader tho). Frequently requested. Site wide dark mode will be will be implemented at a later date as it is way way way harder to do :P

  • 24th April 2021

    -        Infrastructure update. Cloudflare was giving us problems due to long processing times. Now should be better. Also, cover photos have been rearranged to improve efficiency.

  • 1st April 2021

    Happy April Fools! Tho This is a serious update! :D

    -        User Feature Request – Remove Chapter navigation in Long Strip Format. Issues: Readers accidently move between chapters when reading. It was frustrating. Instead placed previous & next chapter buttons. Also Keyboard arrow (Left and Right) navigation between chapters is implemented during long strip.

    -        Major Bug Fix: Search Page did not go to the next page. Note: Don’t worry it has been fixed.

    -        Quality of life change: Moved Alternate titles to the top of the manga page. Since most of us do not know what their native titles means. We’ve placed it on top For quick viewing.

    -        Quality of life change: Scroll to top during page change (In Genre pages)

    -        Quality of Life change: Added “Last updated” during search.

    -        Quality of life change: Search to include Alternate/Other Titles too!

    -        Quality of life change: Added total Views to Random mangas in main page

  • 17th February 2021

    -        Fixed “Previous Chapter” during reading chapter. Major Bug: Showed an error and then returned user to home page.

    -        Fixed Bookmarks. Bug: Did not completely removed user’s bookmark in database.

  • 7th January 2021

    -        Added Bookmark – Dropped.  Because you might hate some manga :(

    -        Minor fixes on cover image position in Search page and genre page. Issue: images did not center

    -        Minor fixes on cover image in user’s bookmark pages. Issue: Images did not retain their original aspect ratio and did not center.

    -        Massive structural overhaul on Bookmarks. Changes – made it more robust and less susceptible to errors. Users should not lose their bookmarks but maybe in some highly exceptional case they may.

  • 1st January 2021

    -        HAPPY NEW YEARS!

    -        Various structural changes (minor)

    -        Added “Villainess” to genres. Note: Because being a Villain is awesome.

    -        Added “Adaptation” to genres. Note: To tell users if mangas are adapted from LN or other sources

    -        Fixed Image sizing on Search page, random manga page, new manga page and recently updated manga page. Bug: Images did fit into the “box” but it was stretched and did not align to the middle (esp. on landscape type manga covers)

  • 29th December 2020

    -        Big Quality of life change: Variable width! Now readers are able to change the manga’s width when reading. Note: Only on width settings.

    -        Fixed “Random Error 500 and 404” – Sometimes readers get 5xx and 4xx error codes when reading chapters.

  • 18th December 2020

    -        Quality of life change: Chapter List. Changed the look on the chapter list.

    -        Quality of life change: Chapter URLs. Made it easy + more readable when looking at chapter URL. (only chapters after this date)

  • 17th December 2020

    -        Quality of life change: Search Function. Now users are able to just hit the enter button to start the search. (Before users need to CLICK the search icon which was a pain in the ass)

    -        Quality of life change: Long Strip. Properly removed padding before image. Hence now mangas/manhwas will seemingly connect. Bug Fix – Finally found out the underlying issue which was very hard to track down. This solution is not a band-aid solution. (Will update soon so users can decide if they want to remove padding or not from their settings.)

  • 30th November 2020

    -        Enhance home page. (Removed Volume to not show if volume is 0)

    -        Fixed latest chapter shown. Bug: showed first chapter instead of latest chapter in “new” and “recently updated” pages.

  • 1st November 2020

    -       Fixed Image sizing in reader page. Bug Fix – Image did not fit  to screen in mobile during “Width” mode

    -        Manga page updates. Moved related series up top. Removed “see more” option. Squeezed bottom half info since there was a lot of unused space and changed text size on “Alternate titles”

    -        Improved manga page loading performance. Removed some unnecessary procedures hence reducing fetching data size while still maintaining quality of the page.

    -        Temporary bug fix - User was unable to fetch structural data from server once user was forced to log out. (Will monitor if this fix should be made permanent)

  • 21st October 2020

    • Fixed “New and Updated Pages”Major bug: Pages showed  ALL mangas which resulted in browser crashing.

    • Enhanced Manga page. (Changed the look of manga details to make it look more readable.)

  • 20th October 2020

    -        Added Editor’s pick manga in home page!

    -        Added Super Power genre. Note: Because super power 🦸

    -        Fixed Manga title. Bug: It was weird when titles got real long

    -        Enhanced manga related series. Note: Shortened for better readability

    -        Enhanced home page. (Added colour to bars for better readability)

    -        Various enhancement for mobile pages. (Removed some items to not show / changed some item sized for mobile due to cluttering)

    -        Various server-side infrastructure improvements. Note: You should feel some increase in speed.

  • 12th October 2020

    -        Fixed loading bar on some pages. Bug: It was not showing on some pages

    -        Fixed manga name generation to be more unique. Bug: It wasn’t as unique as it first was.

    -        Changed “Shonen” to “Shounen”. Note: Spelling blunder on my part. My bad :S

    -        Changed when searching manga to show manga’s that were recently updated first.

    -        Moved adult tag from “genre” to “content warning”. Note: Seems more appropriate this way.

    -        Enhanced manga description to support rich text format. Note: For better readability.

  • 8th October 2020:

    -        Fixed Image scaling on mobile in “search” type pages

    -        Fixed general image scaling. Bug: Horizontal cover photos made things look REAL WEIRD

    -        General bug fixes: fixed default group selection.

    -        Added Genres: Adult & mature (As long as it’s not considered hentai UwU )

    -        Added Option - “Side story, alternate story and related story” to Mangas. (Now we can see all the connected mangas YEEHAW)

  • 5th October 2020:

    -       Fixed Reader bar so it would move to the top of the page if disabled “Show Menu Bar”. (Bug: It wouldn’t move itself to the top of the page hence blocking the manga image)

    -        Fixed Reader Bar where it would show “Getting Epic Chapters…” even when chapter has been loaded.

    -        Fixed Reader image width. Reduced size on certain view ports. (Bug: Images were expanded to the full width of the browser, making it difficult to read on larger viewports.)

    -        Fixed and improved search results in search page. Enhanced to fuzzy search. (Bug: Search results only showed if only one letter is typed)

    -        Fixed Manga cards to show volume and chapter number appropriately. (Bug: Sometimes it would not show them)

    -        Improved Manga cards where if it is a “OneShot” manga with one chapter, it would show “One Shot” instead of volume and chapter Num.

    -        Improved image viewing experience on mobile

  • 1st October 2020: Fixed Server connecting issues

  • 8th September 2020: Officially launched after months of preparation7th January 2021

    -        Added Bookmark – Dropped.  Because you might hate some manga :(

    -        Minor fixes on cover image position in Search page and genre page. Issue: images did not center

    -        Minor fixes on cover image in user’s bookmark pages. Issue: Images did not retain their original aspect ratio and did not center.

    -        Massive structural overhaul on Bookmarks. Changes – made it more robust and less susceptible to errors.

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